Heartbleed does not affect IIS

Heartbleed does not affect IIS

The OpenSSL Heartbleed bug has many in the Apache and Nginx community concerned. This security hole allows the theft of passwords, emails, and IMs. Heartbleed also opens some VPNs for attack. In short, the Heartbleed bug is a big security flaw in OpenSSL. Microsoft products like SharePoint, Project Server, Windows Server, Team Foundation Server, Visual...
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Coding by voice

python voice coding

An interesting video that will emerge plenty of ideas and questions to programmers. Is it faster, coding by voice? Isn’t it tempting? Anyone who has been coding for quiet some time knows what it is, to code sheets of programming lines with the keyboard. Sometimes frustrating, but most of the time it gives your...
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Apple confirms hack of its developer website

Apple hack

Apple on Sunday admitted that its developer website, which has been offline since Thursday, had been hacked. Some information may have been stolen, the company acknowledged. In an email to developers, Apple said that intruders had broken into the site — which is restricted to registered iOS and OS X developers — last Thursday....
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MSX computer standard celebrates its 30th Birthday, gets special mention in WSJ

MSX computer standard celebrates its 30th Birthday, gets special mention in WSJ

Thirty years ago, Microsoft and ASCII announced the MSX computer standard; it was the first attempt to introduce some type of standard into the world of home and microcomputers. Today June 27, 2013, MSX will celebrate its 30th anniversary. My first contact with the MSX was back in 1985. Today, Wall Street Journal published...
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Google is the high bidder for Waze

Google is the high bidder for Waze

Waze is a so-called “social” GPS navigation application. This practically means that the user gets immediate information about traffic or events that may be occured during his defined route. This includes crashes, congestions, detours etc. that other users are posting into Waze. When more and more users post the same incident, it becomes more...
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Microsoft to present Surface Mini?

Why is Microsoft calling for a small gathering? Will we see a surface mini at the size of 7”...
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[Humor] [Infographic] The crazy s** people search on Google

What are the craziest thing people search in Google? How many searches per month do they rack up?
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[Infographic] What takes up the world’s internet bandwidth?

What takes up the world’s internet bandwidth? Remember this the next time you try to download updates and you...
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[Infographic] The history of storage media

You all know we love retro facts and the past of technology. So let’s see the history of the...
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[Humor] The world before social media



Dedicated to all the romantics out there that were born before 2000 and did not grow up to the social media of today.

[Humor] DIY Google Glass

Do-it-yourself Google Glass… and also cheaper!
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[Humor] New Facebook Privacy Options !

Well we hope our american readers take advantage of this new option…  
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[Humor] Another revolution by Apple!

Source: http://www.commitstrip.com/en/2013/06/10/ceci-est-une-revolution/
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